Normal Appointments:

Please try and arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.

Call the appointment desk at 540-361-2922 to make or cancel an appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment, please try and do so at the earliest possible date so that we can use the time for other patients.

We always strive to run on schedule; however, we have many emergencies and acute problems in cardiology. Therefore, please be patient with us when we are running behind. We suggest you bring a book or magazine with you for your appointment. We also have a selection of magazines and health related literature in our office for your use.

As noted in more detail below, you should bring a complete list of medications with you at the time of your appointment, or bring the medications themselves.

Urgent appointments are available if needed. Urgent appointments may not always be with your primary cardiologist. You may see a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant before the cardiologist on call if you have an urgent appointment. The physician will always see you along with the nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

Urgent Appointments:

Should an urgent problem arise, we will always strive to work you in for an office appointment in a timely manner. Call 540-361-2922 during office hours (9-5 Monday though Friday, excluding holidays).

Please know that for urgent appointments, we may not be able to work you in with your primary or usual cardiologist.

If your problem is not related to your cardiac or vascular condition, please see your primary care physician.


A cardiologist is always on call for emergencies at 540-741-1100.

The cardiologist stays very busy in the hospital taking care of ill patients. Please try and avoid calling for routine questions, minor problems or refills of medications.

Please call your primary care physician for emergencies that are not related to your cardiac or vascular condition.

If possible, have a complete list of all your medications in front of you when you call for an emergency problem.

For Billing Questions Please Call: