Your doctor has ordered a holter monitor to record your heart rate and rhythm for 24 hours. The holter monitor consists of 7 EKG electrodes with wires attached to a recording device. The recorder is the size of a walkman, and can be worn on a shoulder strap or belt. In order to obtain the most accurate recording, the technician must ensure excellent contact between your skin and the electrodes. Accordingly, your skin will be lightly scrubbed underneath each electrode. Some patients will require shaving. You will be asked to keep a diary of activities and symptoms for the 24 hour period, as there may be a correlation between what you are doing, how you feel, and your cardiac activity. The procedure requires 2 appointments lasting approximately 15 minutes each.

How a Holter Monitor is placed onto the body.

Procedure Preparation

You make eat, drink and take your medications as usual for this test.
Do not wear lotions or body oils on your chest. You may wear deodorant